Base-Alpha Gallery was founded in 2007 by Bart Vanderbiesen. With its aim to primarily promote and support young Belgian artists, the gallery has played a pivotal role in the growth of represented artists such as Nadia Naveau, Denie Put, and Lieven Segers (among others), with whom it holds a committed and sustainable relation. However, there is also room for presentations of and collaborations with international artists. The gallery continues to strive for fresh and visionary exhibitions, for example by showing artists at the very start of their career, or by giving artists complete carte blanche in the space. 

Being one of the first contemporary art galleries to settle in the Antwerp neighbourhood of Borgerhout, it has made a clear mark on the Belgian art scene, and been of great importance to the development of what is now a thriving gallery quarter. Bart Vanderbiesen, the gallery’s owner and director, continues to push the Antwerp art scene in multiple ways, such as by his chairmanship of the organization Antwerp Art, and (together with DMW Gallery) by organizing the yearly event Ballroom Project. 

Since the summer of 2021, Base-Alpha Gallery and DMW Gallery join forces to run the common gallery space Ballroom Gallery in Brussels, where they organize shared exhibitions of their represented artists, and focus on the collaboration with a new generation of upcoming artists under the title ‘Ballroom invites’. 

Text by Tamara Beheydt